The CAN (Community Advice Network) Help partnership brings together advice and support agencies throughout Lancaster District working to improve advice services. The CAN Help partnership is committed to providing high quality, flexible advice services which are accessible to all members of the community.

The CAN Help partnership was initially funded by the BIG Lottery Fund and continues to be made possible by the dedication and commitment of all of the partners involved.

What is different?

Advice and support services within Lancaster District have always provided a vital service to the community. The CAN Help partnership will build upon and improve existing advice services.

The partnership is working on the following key areas:

  1. Increasing the availability of accurate and up to date information about districtwide advice services.
  2. Ensuring that everybody in need of advice can access the most appropriate services quickly.
  3. Improving communication, sharing expertise and ensuring seamless referrals between the partner agencies.
  4. Ensuring the quality of advice given by the partners throughout the District is consistently high.
  5. Identifying and campaigning on Social Policy issues affecting the community within the Lancaster District.
  6. Creating a comprehensive Needs Analysis of the District to support the future development of advice and support services.

Why do it?

The advice sector is facing huge challenges to meet the needs of the community in an environment where less funding is available, and the demand on services is increasing. The need to seek alternative solutions to the challenges we face is essential.

The CAN Help partnership pools expertise, strengthens our resilience and promotes sustainability of the advice services within the District. The work of the partnership reflects the determination and commitment of the partners to find new solutions.