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Big Advice Survey

2nd December 2014

The Big Advice Survey has now launched!



The Big Advice Survey is a national survey conducted at a local level. It looks at how we deal with problems in our daily lives and where advice fits in. It also explores the potential for alternative ways of delivering advice services as well as a range of other areas eg the relationship between advice and health and wellbeing

The Big Advice Survey is collaborative, created and promoted by individual Citizens Advice Bureaux and Law Centres and an incredibly diverse range of other organisations including solicitor firms, community groups, local businesses, foodbanks, housing associations, colleges and educational institutions. The Big Advice Survey went live on Monday 1st December 2014 and will run until the end of March 2015. It is the largest UK-wide front-line service collaboration for many years.

If you would like to take the survey or promote it within your organisation or community, please visit the website here.

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