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Citizens Advice 'Advice for the Future Campaign'

12th August 2014

Support Citizens Advice 'Advice for the future campaign'

Citizens Advice Bureau has been providing free, independent and impartial advice for 75 years. With the constant changes and ever increasing life pressures, it is more important than ever to maintain this service to all individuals who need it. In order for the service to continue, local authorities, the Government, and major political parties need to recognise advice services as vital public services to be able to resource them appropriately ,


CAB needs as many people as possible to make the following pledge:

"I support the advice for the future campaign because free advice makes society better and matters to me. I want people like Citizens Advice to be able to continue to offer free advice, through a range of channels, so it's available to everyone who needs it".


To find out more, visit:

and sign the pledge:




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